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Originally Posted by Mikachiru View Post
No one's expecting everyone to be playable. I just want a bit more human characters to show up, especially those who have actually fought the demons/witchs. Is that really too much to ask? :/
If you think about it, there's probably someone who wants every character X to be playable. If the team wanted to satisfy everyone, they would have to include every character, which would probably have led to balance problems and repetitive characters, and who knows how much leeway they had in making and testing this game. So I don't see the point in complaining about some characters not being in it (though it wouldn't surprise me at all to see them included as secrets or the like). And we do have Shannon and Kanon from the human side, as well as Battler and Ange, arguably. That's four out of ten, in a game mainly focused on meta-battles.

And, of course, I seriously doubt that there will be no sequel to this game.
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