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Originally Posted by Throne Zwei View Post
I think we can stop with the "cliched this cliched that" We don't need to be constantly reminded every single damn time. You people just need to just learn to enjoy the show for what it is.

Oh and I don't recall 6.5 = 1.
I voted the wrong one. Tried to go back once I did it, but couldn't do it. Of course, you could believe or not.

And I mentioned the cliched thing because I wanted to say that it's related to the characters for me, and this series don't really have good... characters.

Besides Charlotte.

Oh yeah, I forgot I watch this because of the plot! So awesome! /sarcasm.

Forgot to say, you guys don't mind the fact that Rin uses her IS to attack Ichika whenever she is jealous? Both times, he would have died from the blow. She is an idiot, of course, but even so. Furthermore, how did she active that so fast?I just watched once, so I might be wrong there.
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