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The battle was CRAPPY as it could get. Only cool thing was Charlotte's levelheadedness and bravery. REALLY WISH Ichika had lost just for the heck of it. It would have been much better to see him deal with a loss there and accept that he was rescued by teachers bla bla. Would also have actually made the Valkyrie Trace System look anything respectable. But no.. they had to make it a joke. Oh well. The whole ChifuyuxIchika ordeal was pathetic to say the least.

Houki was more or less just part of the background this episode. Oh man...way to kill a character. She did NOTHING after all that talk about what it meant to her bla bla.

Rin and Cecilia don't even exist anymore, sorry.

Moving on to Laura. Totally random revelations and even more random change of heart. Like I said in her character thread, while it was bad enough that other girls were falling for Ichika for no apparent reason than being defeated by him or "I will protect you too" etc., it was really not sufficient for Laura given how she was literally trying to end his existence and full of hatred for him seconds ago. At least she doesn't deny her interest and is gutsy enough to take charge though. Not even close to Charlotte in terms of awesomeness but better than every other girl simply for being awesome enough to admit her feelings, however awkwardly. I didn't like that she was blushing when she pronounced Ichika her wife. Would have been better if she had said it matter-of-factly.

And I would have saluted her if she had chosen to turn a lesbian and pursue Chifuyu while only looking out for Ichika. Not happening with this crap harem, I guess.

And finally, the good part. Charlotte was fucking awesome this time too. And I am glad they didn't ruin her character off the shelf. That bath scene was the only non-random relationship advancement scene in this entire show so far. She is the only girl who has been properly built. And she was the only one who didn't give a heinous reaction to that kiss. I would have loved it if they had included a smile from her though. Just the type she was giving Cecilia and Rin in infirmary the other day. You know, the smile that says "Ara ara you want him too now, do you? Unfortunately for you, I am the only goddess in the temple of his heart. Kiss him all you want, that's about all you are getting off him anyway." You know, the cruelly benevolent type
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