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Originally Posted by karice67 View Post
@Guardian Enzo
I don't suppose you've spent a great amount of time in a Japanese school, have you?

I'll admit that I didn't actually have lunch with the boys when I was teaching, but the twins and Kaname definitely come across as Japanese high school boys to me. And my fellow ALTs always had amusing stories about stuff they'd see the boys doing that you just wouldn't see in any Western country (e.g. sit on each other's laps in the classroom)...
No, that's fair - and I did point that out on my blog. But given the way boys behave in a lot of other series where they aren't main characters - and even a few where they are, such as School Rumble - I honestly don't think the context is so different that the characters in KtB are authentically guys in the way they act. Again - can you point out one scene in the first episode that wouldn't have worked equally well or better if they were girls? I don't buy the scene with the teacher, because if she'd been a guy that could easily have been four girls emo-ing over where they'd sleep while one of them was crushing on the teacher.

If you want a comparison, well - I don't think there is one in the school life genre that gets it right, which is why I'm so sad this one doesn't seem to be, either. But if you look at the boys in Ghost Hound and the way they interact and think, that's a show where the guys act like guys.

Just to clarify: it's not a "gay issue" for me. In fact, a realistic school life show about four guys where one of the guys was gay sounds like a fascinating series. Where I'm a little disappointed is that I really hoped this would be a distinct counterpoint the avalanche of four girls shows that have appeared in recent years, and do something very recognizably different in showing the high school experience from a male perspective. Based in the first episode, it appears to be exactly like those other shows except they flipped the genders. It's not a gay issue, and not that it was a terrible episode. It's just that it appears not to be what I was - perhaps unrealistically - hoping it was.
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