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Just watched the first episode, and honestly I feel Kimi to Boku fell short of my expectations.

I'm agreeing with Guardian Enzo here, change their gender to girls and their conversation will be the same, nothing different. I'm a girl who watches the first season of K-on (and love it!) and those K-on girls are actually more lively than these guys.

And this is actually my problem with the first ep, even if nothing really interesting happens they need to make up with their interaction, but even their interaction seems like they are bored. Especially the twins, their voices like they can sleep at any time. Only Kaname the one who seems lively, but against three unlively voices make the first ep really boring to me.

But maybe next ep will more interesting, so I'm not giving up on this one yet. Just I really feel like theirs not a really genuine manly interaction.
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