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Originally Posted by LKK View Post
@Guardian Enzo: Setting aside the hair brushing, what would you have had the guys do differently during their lunch breaks & immediately after school for their first few days of the new year in order to make the show more about "guys who act like guys"? I'm not trying to sound snarky. I'm genuinely curious.
A fair question, and one I admit is not easy to answer as there's some element of "feel" to it. Again, I would reference Ghost Hound as an example of a non-slapstick or especially machismo series where teenaged boys behave naturally.

I don't think having the guys fixated on cute things that happened when they were chibis was a good idea, for starters. HS guys don't, as a rule, act tsundere towards each other, and there was a strong tone of that here. Guys that age tend to verbally push each other a lot, test their limits, act a little crudely. They talk about girls and sex, they talk about gaming, or something on TV or a movie, they make fun of people they don't like.

In sum, there needed to be some rough edge to their interaction, and there wasn't. It was soft and sepia-colored and gentle, and - though I may be struck by lightning for saying it - emo. As a rule, teenaged boys feel very emotional and act like they don't. Really, these scenes were just lifted straight from a story about girls - there wasn't anything different about them. I hope that makes sense - it's not a terribly easy thing to describe. When it comes to authentic guy behavior, I know it when I see it - and this wasn't it.
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