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Originally Posted by Kafriel View Post
Ashe has a very strong passive, giving her a chance at FB and making you choose between farming and harassing, I'd say it's pretty damn good...and it scales per level as well. Eve's passive is also useful - because of her roaming nature, she's bound to initiate and draw creep fire, so when her passive cuts off 50 dps, it's not entirely useless. OTOH Sion has a chance of negating a minimal amount of damage, and considering his HP tanky nature, it is beyond useless. Nida could get something better, but at least it's useful when laning or chasing around the jungle..
I disagree Ashe's passive is good for the first shot of the game, then just stupid unless you b or die or it's bad, especially compared to Tryndamere's free 35% crit chance for every attack until he decides to heal; her passive should stack up until she attacks a champion so it be used for harass in laning at least, or changed/reworked completely imo.

Eve's passive will negate less damage than sions, unless you're fight in a wave with some super minions in it since I am pretty sure his passive procs vs minions to thus reducing some of their damage to zeros probably, and I mean hers doesn't even apply to jungle creeps... the only problem for Sion's passive is it falls out vs AD carries when they have 150~300 AD, otherwise it provides significant defense reduction in lane when someone tries to AA you.

I feel Nidalee's should scale slightly or something if it went 15/20/25% and 2/3/4 second would be more meaning fun since late game it never really manages to let me catch or escape someone. Or just made to something better.
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