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Originally Posted by Kafriel View Post
Sion's passive is a 40% chance to negate up to 30 dmg when hit by AA (not sure if it works vs minions), Eve takes half damage from minions. Taking into account base minion stats, the damage you'd take from 3 caster minions on average is 60, so Eve shaves 24 dmg at 100% chance, since minions got 0.6 AS. I'd say it's better than feel no pain...but both suck as passives anyway.
by "up to" does that mean always 30 if it deals more than 30, or what?(also it blocks 30/40/50) And minions only deal 25 per hit so assuming always blocks 30 if it could that means negates 40% of minion hits and lets him reduce damage from champs, definitely better passive .
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