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Nah, Kiritsugu's still his primary obsession and goal. Kariya is instead someone that he noticed unconsciously.

EDIT: With the way that's everyone's treating Kariya (especially during this episode), I'm thinking that he'll probably be the last of the Masters to survive.

Now, normally that would be a good thing. However, from the way that Gilgamesh is goading Kotomine, I can't imagine it being anything good at all.
Kiritsugu can never take a break, isn't he? That's why he is eating fast food now.

So next week is the last episode to be aired before the break isn't it? My only wish is to see Tokiomi stepping out of the mansion. Seriously, in the end I thought Gilgamesh hinted to steal him from Tokiomi just because he was so bored with him. Or steal Berserker because Kirei is interested with Kariya.
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