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Animation Quality: 7
Animation was very good during the first few episodes (1 to 7) then it was just fine. Proportions, expresions, etc. were off and just plain weird sometimes. Hope they fix these in the Blu-rays.

Voice Actors: 8. Voice acting was great. I still give it a 8 because everytime Maria spoke I just wanted to pierce my eardrums. Maybe is because of her character but Yozora's voice was so dullfor me.

Script: 7. First half was a great with everyone having fun, character being introduced and the whole gang trying their best to be more sociable. The club pretty much loss it's purpose in the second half except maybe during the Festival where they actually went to place with lots of people around. Some of the jokes were overused and just got boring and some others parts weren't the least funny to begin with. The going to Sena's house and the beach episode (first half) were boring, IMO.

Liked how everyone joined a club to learn how to befriend people and themselves don't seem to really they, probably, are all friends already.

Character wise, they were really likeable. The only one I can't really bring myself to like too much is Yozora due to the way she keeps treating Maria and Sena. Some of her jokes were fun but, some other were just plain bullying in my eyes.

Kodaka is a great main character and probably the only "normal" of the bunch. Found both Kobato and Yukimura to be extremely cute. Sena is also cute for the most part, especially, when she asks Kodaka for help though, a bit creepy when around Kobato. Rika is a great character all around and finally Maria was somewhat annoying but, bearable and cute so it's too bad only Yozora got some character development...

Soundtrack: I didn't pay much attention to this part of the show to be honest but, I wasn't specially fond of the OP or ED (pretty much skipped them) and I can't really say any of the BGM tracks were memorable. So, I'll just give this part a 7.

Editing: Haven't read the LN so I can't say just how good was the editting for this show. Once again, I'll just say it's good. 7.

Enjoyment: Except for two episode I found just boring the series was really enjoyable. So, I'll give this an 8.

Emotional Involment: I can identify with the cast at some levels because I don't make friends so easily but, that's pretty much it. 7.

Overall, Haganai was pretty good harem comedy series and I'm really glad I watched this show. Should there ever be a second season I wish for more character development for the whole group.
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