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The first 15 +mins of the show was pretty hard to watch. Especially the exchange of words and actions between Grodek and that EFF commander. The atmosphere wasn't exciting and it was at times very bland. I know the writers/director wanted to make the short EFF vs Diva battle exciting by having counter tactics and the talk between both sides' commanders. But the talk was very bland and they're pretty lackluster. For example i take it that the writers wanted Grodek to be the cool-calculative-silent commander, but its really really hard to get to like that aspect of Grodek. Its like the writers are really really hard , but i just don't get the awesomeness they're trying to protray. There's also the part where the EFF's Genoaces' are pointing their puny outdated beam weapon at the Diva. And Woolf's getting all worked up, its kinda hilarious.
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