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I had already checked the first ones (i thought i stated it in the first post); anyways, i didn't like them because:
1) Seikon no qwasa: ok that it contains huge loads of ecchiness, but the plot is just random and convenient: what the fuck is that, sucking breasts to gain energy? It's too unreal/ridiculous for my tastes.

2) C3: i passed half of this anime (I think arrived at ep8), but i didn't like much the tones of the anime, beside that the story wasn't that clear to me. What also screwed me a bit is that the anime started on a kinda comedy/random base (girl appears to boy's house, is hungry and eats like a dinosaur) but then it starts off with gruesome killing and mutilations, introducing mentally deviated sadist guys. It's not that i'm scared or shaken by blood scenes (i actually liked animes like hokuto no ken or berserk), but i just find it out of place alterning such scenes with funny ones like it was a natural thing. Also, the girl's mind is just too fucked up: she summons torture chambers out of nowhere, hellraiser's style(old horror movie with bad effects but wicked plot/characters), and the boy's childhood friend is a sword lolwut. Dropped it

3) Didn't start kore wa zombie because the plot didn't appeal me at all; boy that has to dress like a girl, noway i'm gonna sub in such confused protagonist.

4) R-15: i kinda remember the plot of this, but never began it because i'm not really much in otaku culture or novel of whatever genre writing or other things that can be seen only in japan (i'm eu). Due to lacking of titles tho, i might give it a try, so thank you for bringing it up again.

As far as Highschool DxD is concerned, i like the idea, i really like it. Hope it gets subs as soon as possible. I'd like aswell to reborn as a devil haha

Anyways, finished mashiroiro symphony, but i didn't expect such developing from the middle of the anime (I thought all the way that the girl to end up with the protagonist was Sena, the blond one, since they even bathed together and were getting along; since i was putting my hopes in her, when Shingo began going for Miu, i slowly lost my hopes and even tho the final was perfect, with a good ending, since it wasn't with the girl i wanted him to be, i was disappointed) This is another case of anime that fits my requirements but evolves against my previsions and hopes. I'd have rated it 9.5 if he ended up with Sena. I'll go for a 9 nonetheless, since it was fitting. Noone's at fault here, just that this anime misleads a bit in the beginning (5 episodes focused on Sena, then she disappears from the plot, wtf, at least leave her aside from the beginning D: )

I think i'll start Steins:Gate. Hope it's something like Angel Beats, because i really need something like that at the moment.
Watched the first episode, and i can tell you it's just the perfect kind of anime for me. Just from the first episode i can tell you this is a 11/10. Gonna swim in it, i like time travelling mindfucking, coupled with fucking cool protagonist. Just thank you.

No seriously, i'm really loving it: the voice actors are just fucking cool and suit the characters perfectly. Oouououohin is so madly cool, spits out random laugh and perverted jokes, he's some mad rational mind and just cool. he just became my favorite male protagonist ever. Kurisu(tina)'s voice is also awesome, i've heard it somewhere else and i love it. Also, i love the intro and the music. Who is the genius of this opera? Prepare to find other titles similar to this.

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