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i love the novel, but the anime was quite a letdown.

animation=6: wasnt totally bad, didnt had big quality moments, but it was mostly average, in the last episode is seen clearly how different was the first episode from the rest animation wise, quite sad since usually last eps have good animation.

voice actors=8: some nailed the role others didnt shine so much, but was a good casting overall.

script=5: for a novel reader they did a bad job at this, some scenes, lost the origina touch, overall giving it a more ligthhearted feel to the story than the original.

Soundtrack=3: other than the ending horrible, plain and bland bgm, not to mention the horrible bgm direction,lot of scenes sounded weird with the bgm they used.

Editing=4: lot of things cutted, worst thing toning donw sena's personality that changes a lot how we perceive other characters, specially yozora and kodaka.

enjoyment=7: even as poor as it was, it had its good moments, and was great to see some scenes animated, but mostly of my enjoyment was just to se those scenes i wanted animated.

Emotional involvement=9: i love the characters, specially how i can relate with some of the characters, and how there are crazy situations that end in a realistic way, but most of that it from my love to the Ligt novel

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