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Animation Quality: 6 What could have been of this series with the previous art design .
Voice Actors: 8, Yeah, good job there.
Script: 5, I was like o_ at the skipped parts of the original but I wouldn't mind if the scenes were handled better, the staff failed at this.
Soundtrack: 3, Horrible opening, good ending and lame soundtrack.
Editing: Sure they are new to this because there barely is consistence.
Enjoyment: 6 Sometimes good, sometimes bad, when I know before the original series before getting adapted into anime and I can enjoy it the same as the original in the anime format I know its a good series, but this one isn't.
Emotional Involvement: There was? Don't know, most of them came from the LN and the manga... ok, 6.

Overall, I'll give it a 6.5.
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