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I miss Haruhi
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As i said in some previous post, with Steins;Gate i was kinda realized. The thing nearest to it is The disappearence of Haruhi Suzumiya, that i have already watched (and loved). So basically S;G stopped my hunger towards animes. However, when i haven't got really nothing to do, i feel like watching some anime, but this time more carelessly and with no real priority. So well, i'm still looking for some romance anime, with the only difference that S;G opened new horizons, and the school setting requirement can go get fucked.

Actually, the only requirement is that it hasn't to be too old (before 2002 and such), characters age must be 15 - 18 (even 14 and 19-20), the boy must be the protagonist and he must not have childish look/voice/behaviour. Saying that it has to contain cute girls is pointless. I'm open to fantasy, mystery, thriller, or anything else but keep in mind that the main hated things are: mecha element, hybrid-humans (cat girls and such), feudal japan setting(I'm okay if the setting is in some medieval or still ancestral era BUT filled with the fantasy element. Something like ZnT setting is pretty much acceptable). Ah ye, it is severely preferable if the romance goes beyond holding hands, perhaps a kiss is even enough. If you get some uncensored hentai with some plot it's okay anyways, lol (Already checked discipline and BB, but they were funny in their own way, if you get what i mean. The latter was a bit too dark and weird. The graphic was okay, but avoid ridiculous things. Also avoid tentacles or other weird stuff, old men and monsters with 4x4 dick). How much plot do they have to contain? Plots like the ones of Yosuga no sora or Aki sora are enough. Ah ye, almost forgot: the anime titles mustn't be shit, no matter how much they fit the requirements. If they just suck, don't name them.
Thank you again for your attention
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