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I miss Haruhi
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Finished watching Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu, but it sucked dick. I didn't understand the plot untill the end (when i got some hints about this world and what was going on). The romance was depressing and the girl... always leaking blood, fucked up brain with killer personality, autism and other weird things. The guy was like "oh look i don't give a flying fuck tho i act good because the plot says so" and i don't understand why, when running away with the girl on the railway, he tells her all those mean things (I actually would have said the same, but at the same time i wouldn't have even begun such travel with this sniveling whore, and if he really loved her, why such harsh words out of nowhere?). The end was also sad, but the guy didn't care anyways and the story behind the girl sucked aswell. Not developed characters at all. Didn't really like it, 5.5.
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