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Disclaimer: I'm just going to bitch. I actually like this series a lot more than this post implies.

But it is less good than it should have been, by far.

  • Starts off very strongly. Fizzles out somewhere along the lines. It's half a sharp parody of Light Novel Harem tropes and half wanting to be yet another Light Novel Harem.

  • I like Sena, I really do, I think she's adorable, but I don't care for the overwhelming amount and the pandering nature of her fanservice. Let me fall in love with her character, not her boobs, for fuck's sake. You oppai lovers can kindly shove off.

    Also, I'm getting sick of having to adblock the ever-changing oppai-avatars-of-the-season here. Jesus people.

  • OP is horrible. The sort of insult to music that gives "moe anime" music a bad name. It's more of a "we're selling how cute our characters are" than "try to enjoy the music." ED isn't as bad, but it's not exactly good.

  • The two videogame parodies are paced too close together. One of those "what were you thinking" decisions. Albeit, I lol'd @ how Monster Hunter became such an emblem of "friendship game" in Japanese otaku culture so quickly. It's not just this series that's recognizing it.

  • Kodaka is objectively a good and strong person, unfortunately like half of such characters, who really do tend to be better and stronger than the desecrated reputation of harem leads, he's far too passive and is not showing off his good points nearly as often as he could, or should.

    I know the selling point of a harem is its girls, but are they afraid they'd make us insecure if Kodaka shows his capability and worth more often or something? If he's funnier and cuter in some way? He really only shows his good point once with the Sena pool episode, and in being a good brother to Kobato, otherwise he doesn't really do much of anything. It's not like there's a rule that the main lead cannot exceed a certain cool meter in a pure rom-com versus an action series where someone like Lelouch is free to strut around being fabulous, or a mystery like Penguindrum where the brothers get to be quirky and fun and epic as much as they want.

    Of course, this may be a legacy of the LN. When you're in someone's head said someone doesn't really need to do much except comment on everything under the sun to feel like he's an active participant or at least observer. We are not, however, in Kodaka's head.

  • Rika ends up being kinda bipolar. Oftentimes she's a show-stealer, some other times it's stretching the "Rika is a pervert" punchline. Word of advice (to no one in particular): UNIVERSE is really funny the first time, a parody of itself the second time, indulgences and Family Guy level punchline-out-stays-its-welcome if it becomes her defining "moe" trait. What about her normal, nice friendly girl side, or her supposed genius? Rounded characters are interesting. Girls with many sides are fun. Why else are tsunderes so fundamentally popular?

  • Yozora hate and Yozora luv among the fanbase is lulz. I'm more of a Yozora is cool but she goes way overboard and needs to learn some restraint camp. Unfortunately bitter Yozora is really kind of a bitch, and dere Yozora is hit with a mushy cheese hammer circa episode 12. Subtle drama, everyone. I know you're capable of it.

    The bitchy part would probably work better if this series embrace the parody route more decisively, mind.

  • Also regarding Yozora: childhood friend reveal obvious is obvious. Perhaps it is meant to be obvious because of the meta reason that it is already obvious to the main audience in Japan, but if that is the case the anime doesn't make it clear that it understands how obvious it is making things. On the same vein, cheesy reveal is cheesy. There are better ways to "frame" that reveal than what happened.

  • Now for the unabashedly biased good point: Kobato.

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