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Also an observation when the Queerat guard stomach exploded you could see several of those 'razor blade bones' sticking in his stomach. Does this mean that the queerats eat them or simply they have the exact bone structure as blowdogs?
If it's the former I really feel sorry for them as every time they need to relieve themselves will be a very painful experience. If it's the latter it might put a damper in the 'queerats used to be human' theory.
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it basically -jumped- from the usual bickering into this, which is a far cry from your usual dog/cat antics you can have with characters acting tsun to each other.
This is a part which I fully agree with, which is why I think the library explanation fills in the gap nicely. This also matches up with Saki's ultimate rejection "I'm not a monkey" she realised she was about to have sex because her societal acceptance on using sex to relieve anxiety and stress is based on a group of apes.
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Finally, the scene actually implies it isn't the first time they do that.
I don't think this was the first time these two characters had sex, although not necessarily with each other.

Also the trope I linked to isn't limited to anime, so it's certainly not an anime trope.
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I didn't get the final scene of the episode. Why did the liquid that came out of the roof freak out Saki and Satoru so much? Is it because they thought it was the sky when it was actually... what was it anyway?
Must be some sort of life form, hopefully we'll find out next episode.
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