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Cardfight Vanguard: a show about a timid boy who learns to be more confident in himself through his interatiions. The show centers on a cardgame, teaching kids about fair and respectful play. Don't worry about not knowing the rules. This show is not Yu-Gi-Oh lol. The rules are explained in the first episode. You can watch the anime english dubbed on youtube on the creator company's official channel for the show. The channel account is the name of the show, so it should be easy to find.

Elemetal Gelade: The story is about a young sky pirate Cou, who is still a novice and the target of teasing from his fellow crewmates. One day after a raid, he discovers a girl named Ren in one of the items that was stolen from the previous raid. Ren is not human, but an Edel Raid, a living weapon. After this meeting, Cou will encounter many people. The agents of Arc Aile who secure and protect Edel Raids and a notorious lowlife who wants to attain Ren for himself will be among the first of many on his beginning adventure. You should be able to see the dub on Funimation's website if not check anime ultima.

Hero Tales is also a show I would recommend. It is kinda like DBZ, though more into legends and myths than aliens and the fighting scenes aren't as overboard. It takes place in the Wantan era of Japan I think, I'm not sure. Basically a time, where wariors are a dominate part of society.

Sengoku Basara is a top quality fighting anime taking place during the warlords era.

Black Cat is about a young assasin living to make amends as a bounty hunter.

Busou Renkin is one I highly recommend. A high school boy dreams that he dies saving a girl from a monster. Only it turns out that it wasn't a dream, and the girl was no damsel in distress. Having his destoyed heart replaced with an advanced device known as the kakugane, a result of the process of alchemy, Kazuki and the girl Tokiko work together to fight against creatures born from another process of alchemy the homunculi. This show is action and fantasy galore. Worth anyone's time. You may have to purchase the DVDs or watch online for english dub.

Sgt. Frog: Clean humor, fun for everyone in this comedy about alien frogs trying to take over the Earth.

Others you might be interested in:
Oh, Edo Rocket!
Project Blue Earth SOS
Romeo x Juliet

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