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There are some fantastic suggestions already, so I'll offer some general advice which I hope is alright.

If they're young enough, it's good to get them excited with stuff like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh (you know, stuff some of us watched in our childhoods), then slowly ease into the different genres as they get used to it. I grew up with dubs and eventually found myself almost completely wiping them for subs, so be sure to introduce them to both in as equal of a manner as possible, then they can make the choices themselves.

G'luck! ;3

P.S. Here's kinda the path I took for anime:

Pokemon (dub) -> Digimon (dub) -> Yu-Gi-Oh! (dub) -> Kanon 2002 (sub) -> Mahou Sensei Negima! (sub) -> Fullmetal Alchemist (dub, then sub)

As such, I think it could benefit to alternate back and forth with dubs and subs instead of how I went. Nowadays, I'm almost completely oblivious to dubs except for the rare occasions.
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