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Originally Posted by SeijiSensei View Post
If he likes science-fiction and video gaming, I'll reiterate my suggestion of Summer Wars. There are slow periods from time to time that focus on the heroine's extended family, but the online battles are remarkable.

One problem I had making suggestions is that a lot of the better adventure stories I've watched have female protagonists. That's one reason why I thought Moribito is a good possibility because Chagum is such a compelling character. Mononoke Hime has a good male lead, but it might be a bit too bloody at his age.
Originally Posted by Dark Pride View Post
Voltes 5 , Detective Conan, and Flame of Recca is Good for kids.
I would also strongly recommend Summer Wars and Detective Conan; the latter of which is veeeeeeeeeeeeery long, so they won't exactly run out anytime soon.
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