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Originally Posted by oompa loompa View Post
Have you ever had suicidal thoughts? I don't mean you have to be suicidal in as much as you're seriously considering committing suicide, but y'know, just a passing thought (I'm not crazy. nor do I think I'm depressed. I'm honestly wondering if this type of thing is normal). I haven't really asked anyone about this or done any research, but I don't think it would be extremely unusual. If you have, what were they like ( Of course, context is important but I won't get into the story here)?
I know you don't mean any harm, but your post immediately rang alarm bells.

France teacher suspended for 'suicide' assignment
Paris (Dec 10, Mon): A teacher in France has been suspended after allegedly asking pupils to write an essay from the viewpoint of a suicidal teenager, officials say.

The pupils, aged between 13 and 14, were told to imagine reasons for wanting to end their lives and describe their self-disgust.

Angry parents contacted the national education department and sent a copy of the assignment brief to a local paper. "The wording is beyond shocking," an investigating government official said.

"You have just turned 18. You have decided to end your life. Your decision seems irrevocable. In a final impetus, you decide to give the reasons for your gesture. By creating your self-profile, you will describe all the disgust you feel towards yourself. Your text will retrace several events at the origin of this feeling."

Shocked parents wrote to local newspaper La Charente Libre to express their outrage. "We are not in the habit of questioning what happens at school, but there are limits. What will be the next topic? 'How do you feel when you shoot up drugs?'"

Every suicide attempt is a cry for help and should never be ignored. If any of you even harbour the slightest hint of suicide, please talk things over with someone you trust. I'm not saying that we shouldn't post such queries online, but understand that I'm not about to discuss such matters with a total stranger without first understanding what's really going on in his mind. It wouldn't be responsible for me to do otherwise.

The editorial policy at newsrooms in my company is to always include helplines in every suicide story we run, no matter how small the article. I'll do the same here, just in case.
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