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I don't know which shows are available in your region, and I'm too lazy to check. I'm going to name all the shows I wish I had seen as a child (I still enjoyed them a lot, but I probably would have enjoyed them even more as a child):

First, I'll second Seiji Sensei's Dennou Coil. It's a science fiction show about what is real, and what is worth getting attached to, and you can lose yourself if you're too obsessed. It's really good.

Next, Fantastic Children. It's a story where a couple of white-haired, blue-eyed children get reborn throughout the centuries, looking for someone. It's one of those shows, where adults actually act like adults. There are lots of twists and turns. Good adventure fare.

Gakuen Alice. A story set in a school for children with special powers. Dealing with homesickness, and based on adventure and absurd humour.

And finally, Tegami Bacchi. A show about delivering letters in a world where monster hunt the feelings enshrined in the letters. That's the only one of the ones I've mentioned here that didn't enjoy that much any more, but I'd have loved it at that age.
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