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Originally Posted by Panzerklein View Post
Hanji's ponytail is more like cocktail, similar to Sasha's hair. And why author can't put "minor" character to cover?
A cocktail which looks nothing like the hair on the cover. Also just look at how the hair is parted at the front, just like Mikasa. Plus look at the expression, that's totally Mikasa's serious look...we've yet to see Hanji do such an expression.

And there's nothing wrong with putting a minor character in the cover, but the author wanted to make an MMA cover with Mikasa for a while now and Mikasa is also the most popular female character. Mind you that was a cover made in combination with Sankarea, using the main character of that series, wouldn't make much sense to put the MC of one show and a minor character of another on the cover.

Basically...that is Mikasa, deal with it.
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