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Ep. 23 seems to be setting up for a heroic death for Sheryl, with the remote possibility of a hook up between Alto and Ranka (but the final Alto - Klan discussion, despite what had been said previously, isn't quite as damning as some would want it to be).

This being said, there is little to no chance that this is what will happen for the following reasons:

* Kawamori-san is a sadist, but a good series director. He wouldn't trounce his own best Macross TV series after the original Macross just for the sake of a WTF.

* You do -not- kill a character that you have made awesome through more hardships than Oliver Twist's been through, and with a carrot of hope constantly in front of her, at the last episode of the show. You just don't do it. And Alto and Ranka hooking up on top of that? Talk about spitting in the face of a large (to not say a majority) part of your fanbase for the sake of a last minute trick.

*If you are to kill an awesome character for the sake of the development of the story/main character, you do it mid show (cf Gurren Lagan or Roy Fokker).

*There is a big opportunity at a growing up lesson for Ranka (you do not always get what you want), a sacrifice on the altar of Drama (Brera, possibly Ozma too) and a kick ass fight involving not one but two idols (Ranka vs Sheryl) ending up in the transcendance of one (Ranka) and the cleansing of the other (Sheryl) to give way to a "happy ending" that would satisfy the majortiy of the fanbase, with Sheryl and Alto finally being open to each other during the final episode (which will see imo two equally kick ass dogfights between Ozma and Grace, and zombie-Brera and Alto). Alto finally realizing (I suspect that he just did) that life is about choices, and that like Ranka, you do not always get what you want in life (flying in a boundless sky, free of any constraints from life/social interactions), and what is important is your relation to the ones you love.

I do not see Kawamori-san missing this opportunity at making an amazing ending to an amazing TV series
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