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It is amazing how much gets shorthanded in the final episodes of a series... I always felt that after the 35 odd episodes of SDFM, that in eps 36, it was jarring when it all came down to CRASH-BANG-BOOM! Hey! Where IS everyone? Are they all dead?!?! OH! BTW, Hikaru is choosing Misa over Minmay. The end!

I'm hoping that they don't pull the VERY SAME gag on us here, but I do fear so... A second season would be SO MUCH more fun and satisfying... As long as it doesn't just become eps after eps of - fighting Vajra, try to communicate, fighting Vajra, try to broker peace, fighting Vajra, try to force them from their planet, fighting Vajra, favorite chara gets toasted, mix & repeat.

All in all, it is TOTALLY within the bounds of possibility to solve the issues and the triangle within the two remaining eps, but "rushed" wouldn't really describe it satisfactorily...
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