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Originally Posted by Xellos-_^ View Post
i think you are overlooking the fact that when Gajeel beat up levy and her friends they were in the midst of a guild war. It wasn't like Gajeel constantly gives levy a black eye and she just crawls back to him. They were in war and Gajeel beat up his guild enemy forces. So I would cut that relationship a bit of slack.
Perhaps, but it was clear he enjoyed it. So yes, it was a sadistic side. He was all smiles and grins, and didn't have a problem with it at all. That's called sadism.

Originally Posted by Slayerx View Post
Well it does happen in real life. Sometimes a gril can end up not being able to see the guys she's with as anything more than friends; like they are so close their almost brothers to her. When it comes down to it, Levy wasn't interested in them even before Gajeel came into play (i think i recall their profiles saying they both tried to ask her out in the past)
Oh, believe me, I understand it. I just don't like it, which is just my opinion. That's all I'm trying to get out of this. I can understand it happening (believe me, I've seen more than one woman get attracted to a bad boy and ignore the good men all around them); I just have the right not like it.

And like I said, it's not currently an issue anyway, and if it happens, I'll accept it. Despite any complaints I have, I do find Fairy Tail to be a fairly good series overall, and I am still enjoying it.
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