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Thanks peacecraft, it'd be much appreciated. (I have the old download links that were deleted, still... So. Yanno. Anyone that wants them. `3`)

Hm, so Epyon-II/Nataku is blue and white... has the ZERO System. Made from blueprints Treize left behind. Has a beam trident instead of heat rod.
Kathy puts on Wagner during the fight...? 8| How Treize-ish.
I can't tell from this shaky translation though, whether Father is saying it IS Zechs or isn't- Deacon, can you tell us?
There's an illustration of Sandrock and Heavyarms, Duo and Wufei(? I guess like the cover of young Quatre and Trowa in an earlier chapter..), and Kathy Po.

Also an illustration of Epyon (not sure if 1 or 2) has been leaked onto the Gundam wikia already:
Looks like it'd be Epyon-II to me but I'm not gonna move it until I actually can make a page for Epyon-II anyway if it is.
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Spoiler for Rumors from 2ch:
Way to steal Heero's shtick, Zechs. 8|
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