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Originally Posted by Shinova View Post
They can't fit everything from the novels into the anime. If they did each arc would take five episodes. And each episode would feel extremely slow. The anime staff is doing a decent job with what they have under the extremely tight constraints they have.
Well its true you'll never find a series where they'll faithfully adapt the source material (Budget constraints) I pretty much don't agree that they're doing a good job. First off the made filler episode for no specific reason whatsoever. You usually have those for a OVA or a special. Secondly they've been rushing the story pretty quickly raising a lot of questions in the process. At episode 7 the anime is already half way through book 3. What are they going to do for the remaining 5 episodes? From what they're advertising they're only using 4 novels. I don't think they'll be spending time to slowly animate book 4. What we'll probably get is more nonsense fillers and a unique anime ending.

If they where going to rush they should've either made it ten eps or adapted novel 5 as well. They should've of focused more on developing the earlier characters interactions because two episodes or a episode and half for one spirit interaction is pretty short. It seems a lot of people think this is a The God Only World Knows clone. Which it pretty much isn't. Kurumi should've of been saved for the later half the story. She would've of made a better last boss. What we'll get in the end is probably going to be something this series didn't deserve.
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