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-Its interesting you bring that up, because now that I look back, nobody in Claymore seems to be evil to the core. Let's see a few examples of the worst of the major entities that are around.

Claymores: Ophelia is by far the most "evil" in nature because she went out of her way to manipulate awakenings, just so that she could kill them without it being an act of mercy (she wanted them to die as monsters, not as humans). Priscilla may have been a zealot death machine as a Claymore but its not like she manipulated others just to have an excuse to kill them. But regardless, when karma caught up to Ophelia and bit her in the ass, she showed enough willpower to accept her death.

The Organization: Ok, they unleash yoma (as per Miria's hypothesis), just so that they can breed monster weapons and get paid for the misfortune they create in the first place. They take people's newborns (Alicia and Beth) and have iron-clad rules to keep their Claymores pretty much enslaved. But at the end of the day, they're doing the job assigned to them. Who knows, maybe these Dragon-kin are so frightening and powerful, that it warrants these actions. And to be fair to the Organization, they try their best to protect humans, even if it is just for the money.

Awakened Beings: Ok so they're Claymores that awaken. They eat humans...and that's about it really. They're little more than yoma in that regard, just way more powerful. They show cunning and tactics, but not really something that can be considered evil. Even if we were to consider kidnapping and experimentation that Riful and Dauf performed, they never did so against humans. Instead, they only targeted other Claymores, who are trained soldiers meant for this kind of thing. And even if that was wrong, Riful merely did so to fight against other ABs like herself (namely Isley who was pushing his own forces just so that he could get Priscilla from the North to the South).

So in a way, its just a grand-scale, bloody 3-way war right now. Damage is done to the combatants mostly with the occasional human bystander caught in the crossfire (which is inevitable). I guess the tue villain of the story has yet to make an entrance...
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