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Originally Posted by sonotme_9FedriqSama View Post
Nobody started any fake spoilers yet??? I wanted to know wat kind of wild imagination ppl have....specially after "Clare got absored into the destroyer" cliffhanger
Oh, oh, let me try my hand at those fake spoilers!

The Destroyer steadily shrinks, with Claire eventually gaining control of the body by mentally gaining control of the Destroyer's thought process. Slowly it shrinks into something the size of a person, and then begins taking shape. After a short while, a female silhouette emerges, then transforms into a form of Claire utterly without either silver eyes or a belly scar. Helen, Deneve, Dietrich, Yuma, and Cynthia stare in shock, with Cynthia filling them in on what is going on.

Priscilla observes this, then is shocked to see Claire's face, "So you're aren't dead after all?!?"

Claire, totally in the nude, grabs the sword Deneve lost to the Destroyer and then sprouts goddess-like "angel's wings".

Then the shit hits the fan so to speak...

Of course then the chapter ends, "To be continued in October..." (as the current issue is a month ahead, right?)

Admittedly my favorite way of ending this chapter would've been for both Galatea and Miria to show up at the very end, both wearing form-fitting, hot black leather outfits. Who's with me on that happening???

How the warriors of Claymore OUGHT to look:
"So Shiek, now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb!"
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