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Originally Posted by Shiek927 View Post
Wow, here I was worried that the chapter has already been out all this time, and their aren't even spoilers yet 0_0 .

Malak, let me make an example about the distinction I mentioned; Luciella: she inevitably adapted to the great power she had at her disposal, and wanted it to use it to conquer the lands(Psychology), but it didn't change her love for her sister(Personality).

How people behave/act, and how people truly are: that's the distinction I try to bring up, putting it simply as possible.
Yes,yes,now i understand what you mean,it's just that at the beginning i didn't know exactly what you meant with psychology (since in truth it doesn't have the meaning that you use here....),but even if i have a different theory (that i mentioned in my previous post) i like your theory too and imo it makes a lot of sense.
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