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^-Did you just make me picture an airheaded Millimeter? Blast you, get it out of my head

But lol if Millimeter really did deny Leon-sama's advances for some sweet yuri

Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
You won't be the first to snap. Eclair will.
You just had me wondering what are the ages of Eclair and Millimeter, surely Eclair isn't any younger than Milli, so maybe our green doggy knows something

Originally Posted by KeithKurogane View Post
At least make it Leon x Sink x Milly...
If you don't like that setup...
*grabs a sword*
you're making me want to play Riviera again lol

But the idea is about what caused the 2 girls to grow apart from each other, clearly they were the best of friends, and there was no hero back then, so a three-way with Sink in the middle would be one heck of a 180 switch in personality for Leon-sama. Kyero just gave a frightening thought

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