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Originally Posted by Kyero Fox View Post
what suggestion? I wasnt suggesting anything! it was a joke XD
How else do you explain a girl singing specially for another girl?

There can't be any other (sane) reason for a girl to go on a warpath just because her very own personal karaoke machine decided to break free from her grips and sing to the world Yeah, I called the Milli a karaoke machine. En garde Millimeter fans! lol

Originally Posted by Hooves View Post
Ahh.. This turned from waifu claiming to shipping now
We are moody bunch, ja. My plans worked, through the power of suggestion I have turned this thread into the Leon-sama discussion I wanted it to be despite her short screen time

2. Leonmitchelli comes and interrupts the battle, and Gaul will probably say that this battle isn't over and retreats without being defeated.
That definitely sounds like the makings of a rivalry right there, which looks like a possibility. Even despite the rules, because Gaurr (my nickname for Gaul) probably doesn't need to be defeated in order for the battle to end, Sink can just rescue his employer, which can be a victory for the Biscuits, without really having Gaurr go furball. I kinda feel this way because Eclair going 1 on 3 is a bit impossible, as I don't see the Color Girls being weak, and I can't see anything short of Eclair being bailed out by someone (I'm not saying she's weak!). A Gaurr retreat could help that too, with the Color Girls leaving without settling their fight either.

Just, where to retreat? Isn't that their castle? and Kyero, option #3 sounds like a great way to give Leon-sama more screen time, by kicking Sink off the screen

Originally Posted by DragoZERO View Post
So many big time voice actors here. I'm waiting for a "Hayate" to be said.
I wouldn't mind being Reinforced

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