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Yeah, but still... if Marigold hadn't let herself go after being freed by Tiger, I'd say that she would probably rival her big empress sister in looks. She's practically Alvida in reverse! Maybe she developed an eating disorder or something during her days as a slave....
You are quite right. I also felt that Marigold's weight gain was the result of the truma she endured as a slave. As a result, she probably packed on the pounds because of her insecurities and believed that she could hide behind her new appearance so that she could hide the pain that she suffered.

Alvida was probably the same way as well. We know that she hated the frickles that she originally had. She might have been teased about it, as a result. That might have caused her weight gain. She mentioned that the only affect that the Devil Fruit had, in addition to her powers, was that her frickles was no longer there. So Alvida might have had new confidence in herself and decided to lose the weight. The confrontation of Luffy might have also been a minor factor as well.

The Devil Fruit certainly didn't cause Marigold to lose the weight she had put on. So the only why that she might lose the extra pounds is if she falls in love with a man. That might cause her to come to terms with her past. Of all the Boa sisters who went through the awful experience as slaves, I don't think that Marigold ever recovered from that, despite her imposing apperance, which is nothing more than just a cover to hide her true personality. She is powerful. But the real Marigold has yet to let out her real emotions and her pain.

With that said, I believe that Morigold and Alvida are very much alike. In addition, Morigold might take over Handcock's role as empress if her older sister decides to leave the throne.

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