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Originally Posted by White Manju Bun View Post
Oh man Break <3 Glad you put my render to use! I havent done jack with it.

For your SOTM entry and the Soul Eater one (I also thought you made a Bleach one...with that blonde girl) are you using the smudge tool (no comments there Sage...) cuz I like how they look. For some reason with me using that tool is hit or miss, usually miss

Also that Pride one is <3
Oh, that was your render?? I loved it, so I'm happy I found out who made it! Full credit goes to you for the wonderful Break image!

Yeah, I'm mainly using the smudge tool for most of my sigs, I've yet to discover other techniques. I'm glad they look nice to you, I'm really just messing around since I never really tried anything else
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