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Originally Posted by faiz blaster View Post
My bet is that this is Last Order. I predict that Index is will free LO with Misaka's help while Kihara is busy dealing with Accelerator.
I think misaka will deal with the hound dogs and index will help or find LO. Because even misaka tried to help......its an angel. She will be squashed in an instant. its most likely that mikoto will guide index to where LO is. If I remember it right on the pictures. Index is using a cellphone and giving instructions to someone. Probably she will meet up with accel becaue she did say that accel in dark wings mode is similar to the state of a saint. Unless she saw it personally. She wouldn't say that.

Originally Posted by mark1246 View Post
are you talking about the website above your post?
if you are, can you please tell me where the novels is.
No. I'm talking about the one you QUOTE on. The one with google translate. I also read their with babylon translation but I got tired and went on atlas translation.

Teh_ping's translation is great and awesome and most of all accurate and trusted by all. And we are gratefull for it.
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