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It saddens me how people keep forgetting how much of a monster Sarutobi (3rd Hokage) was in his prime, just because he hasn't appeared in a long time.
The guy is like Yamamoto from Bleach or White Beard from One Piece, old monsters unrivaled in the series but weakened due to old age (well Yamaji is dead so age doesn't affect him but still you get the point)

I personally have no doubt that Sarutobi would be quite capable of beating any other candidates in his prime (with the exception of Rikudo Sennin but he's like...LEET HAX and shouldn't even be considered) and I do include guys like Madara, Tobi, Fourth, Itachi, Pain and so on.
just because he knew all the techs in konoha doesnt mean anything about bloodline limits. a weak version of him barely stood up to orochimaru who was a push over for the other characters you mentioned. what could sarutobi and enma in their primes do against pain attacking the village? probably just die in his wake. also its common knowledge that minato was the best ninja ever in konoha. i could be wrong but i think even sarutobi says it at some point
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