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Originally Posted by sikvod00 View Post
Being a cantus user means you have the potential to wipe out queerats, but not that you would. There are individuals like Saki who see queerats more as equals, at least compared to others. She would never consider doing that. That's why I said it was debatable to think this was their only choice. There may have been a chance to negotiate or create an alliance with sympathetic humans in order to gain their freedom. Who knows? Committing genocide by killing every single human who has the potential to use cantus, even in the name of freedom, is not something I sympathize with.
I agree that the queerats would have been more sympathetic if there was some indication that they had attempted to negotiate more equal rights with the humans before rebelling. The false minoshiro taught them about democracy, so I would think that it would have been interesting to see them present a petition based on philosophers' theories of equality.

However, I don't think the queerats are wrong to believe it is necessary to kill all the Cantu users. From their perspective, they do not know which humans might be nice to them and which will kill them. Even Saki views them as subhuman and their lives essentially meaningless. After all, she watches Kiroumaru slaughter several colonies without showing any trace of emotion. Additionally, the humans were going to annihilate the Robber Fly colony for simply winning a battle the humans had not wanted them to win, which to the queerats shows that they exist at the whims of humanity. Destroying humanity is really the only option for them once they rebel.
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