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IIRC, Sylia has at least SOME Japanese blood in her, although that's just judging her father's FIRST name, mind you. For all we know, he could've been born in Japan from Western parents and he was just given a native name to "fit in" or something. At least in the original OVA, because from what I remember of 2040, I think they confirm (somehow, I need to rewatch 2040 pronto) that she's part Japanese, or something.

As for Nene, I think it's never been established just what exactly she is. It's usually assumed she's just Russian.

Who knows what Priss is, because of her first name, her having an apparent middle name (Priss S. Asagiri), and her looks (although it doesn't help that Sonoda is a huge westaboo who likes to draw everyone like westerners).

Same goes for Linna, although I've always been told by the older fans that she's full-blooded Japanese. 2040 pretty much does this straight with her rural origins.

Sadly, the RPG books never elaborate on this IIRC, and since I don't know Japanese at all, I can't tell if the available art books have any say on this.
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