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Well that's one crazy old lady. Some reason with guys packing guns heading to the island think Ange's bodyguard is going to have a tough day.

Well the Stake's getting taken out certainly lost the surprise factor since it was mentioned almost every page from those worried it was going to be taken out. Still a pretty dramatic moment with Ange just losing it. No surprise considering the hell that school was. Forget asking the stakes I would have been tempted to just grab a desk and start swinging. At any rate stakes are a pretty likable group when they aren't on a killing spree . If they weren't being used as weapons they wouldn't be bad to be around.

Wow Rosa the wonder parent . Definitely in a tough spot with the single parent and taking that into account. But she couldn't afford to have someone watch over Maria? Leave the kid alone with only stuffed animals for comfort and get surprised that she talks to them? Plus way to go in terms of traumatizing your own child by ripping in half the only friend she has in the world....Personally surprised the lady didn't go calling the police or something. Rosa was going over the edge there.

Anyways I don't think Ange will have a great problem with her stance. The point here is to prove that magic wasn't responsible for the deaths on the island. Magic existing doesn't mean that humans weren't responsible for what happened. Besides Ange is just there to support Battler while he throws everything he can at Beatrice and try to win.

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