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Originally Posted by Jarmel View Post
Not really. I actually loved Code Geass. Just so far, it's been really similar to CG, which has its negatives and pluses. The whole affair seems like Yoshino and Ōkouchi wanting to try and make a better version of CG with better music, better character designs, and more realistic characters. I think Inori is a horrible character though so far but it's only two episodes in. The villains are also horribly written. Character development takes time and saying that whichever character isn't developed, isn't a fair criticism of a show only two episodes in of a 22 episode show.
I think this plan backfired though. The character designs aren't any better; save Inori, they're horribly generic. And the characters aren't realistic either, but what's worse is that the show is trying to sell the idea that they are. Character development may take time, but everyone we've seen right now has the dimensions of a cardboard cutout. The music is mostly good, but at this point I really can't call it "better" than Code Geass' music.
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