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Sooo, after some inconveniences I finally managed to see the ep. Some observations:

1. Solo gattai? Good going, Amata! Finally we got to see the two of them fighting in giant mecha, even though only a really stupid-looking fight so far, but then, that's Aquarion for you. And yeah, gearing up to the Aquarion showdown!
1a. Btw Ancient AQ looks awesome.
1b. First Mykagezilla, now Amatazilla! I wonder who's next.

2. MYKAGE.....!!!! *nosebleeds all over the place* His grand plan is of course stupid, but I didn't expect anything more reasonable so whatever.
2a. Get out of Zessica you crazy-beautiful bastard, I miss looking at you! (Though I admit that Zessikage is pretty cool.)

3. Fudou. Yeah, OK, look, you're just insulting my intelligence now. So, back to the best way I can deal with this - Evol takes place in an alternate universe, YES, IT DOES, LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU *fingers in ears*
3a. Poor (Evolverse) Touma... and you guys are pissed about Zessica? *runs away* (I wonder how Fudou is going to sort out this mess.)

4. So like, are Amata, Kagura & Co. still on Altair or what? Or they're flying between the two planets? I'm a bit confused.
4a. PLANETS TOO CLOSE!!! I know I shouldn't expect anything science-y from this show, but come on! ^^;;

5. The Andy and Mix situation would make me care more if Mix was actually a guy instead of... well, regular girl!Mix minus boobs plus something extra between her legs. Physically she may be male (a really effeminate male, mind you, I mean seriously, the seiyuu could at least use her boy voice!) but she's still a girl.

6. All. That. Reused. Animation. Argh!!! :/

No comment on the rest - just looking at the posts on this page so far I can guess what sort of discussion has been going on here and frankly, there's no point in adding my own 2 cents. Anyone who has ever seen any of my posts knows which characters I like and why, which characters I think are getting unfairly blamed and why, how the writing is so bad I can't blame any character anymore for anything, etc.... and that these pretty much go against the popular opinions around here. So I think this was all from me for now. (But because I can't resist: that part that I'm sure everyone here hated? I thought it was pretty sweet.)

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