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So, today was a momentous day, sort of...probably the single most dramatic change I have ever made to my appearance, because I kinda don't care about it. But I've had my ginormous hair for over three years now, and while it was fun, it's a huge undertaking to manage it when it's not just long, but so incredibly thick. So, it got chopped off.

Spoiler for Before:

This is the hair as it was this morning, let down...

Spoiler for Ponytail:

And done up in a ponytail. The reason I did this is because you have to have your hair bound up in a tail if you want to donate it to Locks of Love, which is a service that provides real-hair wigs to cancer-patient children.

Spoiler for Eeek!:

The first cut is the deepest.

Spoiler for much hair...:

In the wake of the carving! Yes, that is all mine.

Spoiler for After:

Hey, wasn't there something back here?

Spoiler for Side view:

This is so troubling that I must look to the side, allowing you to see what the back looks like.
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