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I noticed this topic kind of late....

Too bad they changed the entire cast from the original VN, but then again they did that too for the first Otoboku anime. One thing that strikes me odd is why they have announced the seiyuu of Yu and not characters like Kayleigh, Utano and Awayuki . Unlike them, Yu was not a main heroine (well she was in the psp game, but i doubt they would use too many (if any) elements from her story. Because most of her actual development was in the (quite long) common route)

As for the people complaining about the art based on that single image, well let's judge the art when the first trailer comes out (which should come next week).

Seeing that it only has 3 episodes based on some websites, i have some doubts how they will adapt this. Fortunately the VN was not plotdriven, but they will cut away lot's of character development and interactions.
With that little amount of episodes, they will most likely just focus on Kaoruko as the main heroine.

the art based on the few screenshots so far is not as good as the original but i am not complaining.

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