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Originally Posted by fertygo View Post
Well its better attempt than trying too hard make something different like making some random horror show. Haha! who the hell that can be so clueless like tha... oh wait.
I'll take that random horror show than some random slice of life with cute girls in it, since it's actually different.

Back on topic, yeh... this doesn't bode to well. From the subpar character designs (is this really Sekiguchi designs?) that look like poor man's version of Hanasaku Iroha, to the pretty unimpressive PV that had a lacklustre atmosphere... We'll see if this ends up being as medicore as it looks/promoted, but past PA experiences tell me that they usually start off strong and end strong, with middle eps being a bit of a drag. But gawd... change those damn character designs. They scream A-1 pictures, which i don't like (their designs). And yes, for slice of life series, visuals are important!
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