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Azuma Denton
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Nice topic.
I will talk about L n Light seperately.

Light :
His motive is good. He wants to create a world where there is no need to fear for criminal. But he is stepping into god's region. N finally he is obsessed by his power n blind him. In one side, u can see him as a savior, but in the other side, he is a murderer. So it's up to people, which side will they be. But still, killing (although indirectly) is prohibited by both laws n religion.

L :
L is just a detective want to catch a murderer. You can say he is the actual hero in this story. You can say, "What's wrong with Kira trying too kill the bad guy?" Well, killing is forbidden by laws n religions. So L is just doing his duty as law enforcer to capture Kira.

One thing i want to ask Light, "Will u be able to kill your sister if she becomes a criminal?" Since her sister is the most important person to him.
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