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He was drunk with power and just wanted to flaunt his skills. Otherwise, he would have stuck to killing serious/obvious criminals in a variety of ways (instead of using heart attacks to gain attention).
To me, he did that intentionally. He used heart attacks in the beginning to make people believe that *someone* was killing all the criminals to make people be afraid of committing anymore crimes. If he just used random methods, while the law will have a harder time catching Light, the criminals will have a harder time believing that *someone* is intentionally trying to kill them if they do any crimes. They would just see a bunch of people dying, that's it.

By the time Kira was known to the public, Kira was known to deliver justice by killing criminals by heart attacks. If Kira suddenly stopped using heart attacks, the criminals would believe that they can do crimes again because they would feel safe again.

Him killing the fake L. I could also argue he did that with more than one purpose in mind. He wanted the world to know that Kira exists, and that he has the power to bring justice. Think of the fake L fiasco as a demonstration of power, so all criminals watching TV would know, Kira definitely exists and he has the power to kill criminals. If Kira didn't do anything, the criminals would have a sigh of relief, Kira didn't hurt L, and L is fighting for the criminals, L will save the criminals from dying. Kira had to make it known at that time, that criminals have no choice but to die, and that no one, including L could save them. So that people would be too afraid of committing crimes lest they incur the wrath of someone named Kira.

Also, with the fake L fiasco, Kira has basically said on TV that he is not afraid of the police, the law or anything. That he will deliver justice where justice is due and will not back down from the police. If Kira wanted to build his ideal world, eventually the world will have to know that Kira exists, and once that happens, the police will be after him anyways. Kira just decided that was the best time, considering that L openly challenged him on "live TV", to make it known that Kira exists.

But, even if Kira succeeded, him judging people is wrong. With his justice, there is no second chance either.
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