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It was exactly this point of morality that made me not watch this show or read the mange. The description I read for this show instantly turned me off, it was a contradiction in itself, it reached of immorality.

Originally Posted by description by anidb
Light Yagami is an ace student with great aspects who`s bored out of his mind. One day he finds the Death Note a notebook held by a shinigami (Death God). with the Death Note in hand, Light decides to create a perfect world. A world without crime or criminals. However when criminals start dropping dead one by one, the authorities send the legendary detective L to track down the killer.
If people like this show it is their right, I'm not going to bash it, but this topic will at least let me say my peace.

The protagonist
This Light guy has the most simplistic idea about the world, it would show that he is one of those people who is so weak and cowardly that they have to cower behind the law in order to feel save and security. Seeing the law as some absolute guide, rather than the joke it really is. A world without crime would be perfect? We'll still get all the natural disasters, where people die and property gets destroyed. Perfect world? Nope. I can go on a killing spree and not be a criminal. I simply have to enlist in the army. I can sell weed and not be a criminal, I simply have to go to Holland. Perfect world? Nope. It takes more than a world free of crime for it to be perfect.

A criminal, aren't we all?
Who is a criminal? A person that breaks the law? Why does a person break the law? Because s/he is a evil thing that plagues society? Or someone who is driven over the line by society having no choice but to become a criminal in order to survive? Someone who is unaware of laws and accidentally breaks a law? All of you who download fansubs and scanlations? There are many reasons why a person breaks the rules, as many unjust reasons as just reasons. Robin hood, who steals, but gives to the poor. A soldier who can't kill a child with a bomb which results in the deaths of his squad. A prostitute, who is forced to sell her body by a pimp? A drug dealer who sell drugs to children out of greed. Good people? Bad people? Of course this distinction should never be made by the courts, because justice is supposed to be blind, but unfortunately these days it is not. A good lawyer will be able to bend and twist the truth in such a way that laws are twisted in there meaning. A jury does not base their verdict on the facts alone, as they should, but also on their emotions. A criminal to one person can be the hero of another. The criminal from one perspective, can be the loving father from another, or evil monster from yet another. Who is the main protagonist to judge from his one perspective? Nothing but a fool as he himself becomes a criminal in the process of his judgment and by that same judgment he should kill himself. The walking contradiction. Every person on this planet has broken a law once in their existence, be it the law of man/society or be it the laws of god/religion. How stupid is it to condemn all criminals to death, might as well kill everyone in the world. He might as well start with himself, because he too is a criminal. He too deserves death by this own judgment, because killing a person, be it a criminal or an innocent, is still a crime, unless of course it is sanctioned by that same law. Which should show the true colors of law to those that understand the full implications of that statement.

The joke of law
What is law? A set of rules that redistributes the freedoms of individuals so everyone can be equal, so everybody has equal freedom. Well that was the dream of law, the ideal of law, but that dreams has ended long ago. Rules are said to be set by a society, but these days they are set by those in power, which has produced some very unjust laws. Different societies have different rules/customs/believes and cannot be judge by one person, who has only one perspective. Some examples? In the US one needs to be 21 drink, 16 to drive, smoking weed, prostitution is not allowed. In Holland one needs to be 16 to drink, 18 to drive, smoking weed is allowed, prostitution is allowed. How does Light wish to judge people that live by another set of rules which differs from his own? Applying his own set of rules onto a society where he does not live is unjust, applying his set of rules to the whole world is no different than oppression or a dictatorship, because it is only based on the perspective of one person.

To judge
Everybody has a right to judge, this is not the problem. These are your own thoughts and everybody has a right to them. Yet to sentence, is another story. A judge appointed by the court has this right given to him. The courts (as the story goes) represents the collective will of the people, the collective interests, which symbolizes the judgment of individuals by the whole of sociality. (if only that dream was true) A person off the street does not have right, the protagonist does not have that right. But I'm sure the protagonist will try to justify this actions later on in the story by telling himself that the death note was given to him by fate/god in order to judge. I can only hope that he gets judged by the powers that be after he has corrupted himself beyond redemption.
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