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Originally Posted by ^_Usagi_^ View Post
Just out of curiosity, who out here that opposes Kira's ideas is a christian? (cause as far as I see it now, your these two are exactly the same)
edit: I need to rewrite this before someone gets the wrong idea.

Christianity is a joke to me, but I respect the faith and I do not wish to offend, the holy bible is an assembly of the gospels written by the disciples of Jesus, some parts were left out because they didn't fit with the believe system. One of the parts that was left out was where it said that in the end, end of time, when all souls are split between hell and heaven, the souls in heaven will take pity on the souls in hell and will pray to god to show mercy on those in hell. This will result in god opening the gates of heaven and the emptying of hell. It would imply that there is no real reason to be good or evil, which is why it was left out of the bible.

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